Best Boat Trips in Alcudia

  1. Catamaran Travel
    By car on the Anacaona boat, we sailed along the extraordinary coast of the Gulf of Alcudia, which blends mountains and clear water and from where we love the view and sunshine. While driving along the coast, we pass the beautiful Aucanada lighthouse and with it are spectacular cliffs and incredible bays. Amazing opportunity for photos!

Our first stop is the remote Coll Baix road. This amazing little bay may be difficult to reach on foot or by car. We are anchored so you can swim and sunbathe in the crystal clear Mediterranean. Then we changed our tactics to another beautiful bay in Pollensa Bay: Calad’Engossalba, right where we were anchored. Here we stop the longest so you can enjoy everything the catamaran and surrounding area has to offer.

While the staff prepares a delicious grill lunch, which will be served while traveling, you can use all snorkeling equipment or kayaks from the fact that Anacaona brings it at no additional cost. Or, you can swim near the catamaran or sunbathe on the boat just because you relax in a net and bench.

Lunch is usually served. They offer a variety of meat (chicken, pork and sausages) freshly prepared for a catamaran grill, homemade pasta salad with Mallorcan tomatoes and homemade vegetables, some bread and seasonal fruit for dessert. Drinks are served during lunch break. Many experts buy a variety of drinks from the on-board bar throughout the day.

As soon as everyone tries and settles down, if we have time, we stop briefly next to the amazing Aucanada lighthouse, so you can cool off in the landscape or take some photos for beautiful landscapes. We will then return to Port Alcudia around 3:00 at night.

  1. Speedboat
    Feel the thrilling journey of a lifetime with the adrenaline-fueled Alcudia Accelerate Boat. Your captain will usually take you on a speedboat at Alcudia Bay, at the famous lighthouse, while bouncing past the waves and having fun! Don’t miss this exciting activity in the northern part of the beautiful island environment!

This year maybe it’s time to take a fabulous shower and cool off in clear water before we leave at full speed, oh no. The place to stop is the beautiful Coll Baix Bay, which is usually difficult to reach on foot and by car. There you have time to enjoy the view just because you are a little calm.

  1. Enlargement of the Glaas base ship at Alcudia
    If you are on holiday in Alcudia, this is one activity you should not miss: a boat trip with two lessons in Alcudia. It runs every day and collects various pillars along the beach.

Take a fantastic beach trip with our magnifying ship and admire the ocean floor with its colorful fish and plants found while discovering an attractive bay connected to the spectacular north coast. We will pass Alcudia Bay first and then make sure that you are Es Coll Baix bch, which can only be reached by searching for items. We will dock there and stop for 20 minutes so you can swim.

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