Everything you need to know about Mount Batur Trekking at sunrise

Everything you need to know about Mount Batur Trekking at sunrise

Bali is an island full of adventure and one of these adventures begins early and bright. We have traveled to Bali several times and both agree that there is no other epic morning like we did at Mount Batur for a sunrise trip. Most activities in Bali start after sunrise, so we promise that this is the only thing that requires a wake-up call.

Believe us the sunrise on Mount Batur is very valuable. If you don’t get there early enough for sunrise, climbing Mount Batur still has to be done in the afternoon. Bali is full of volcanoes, but Mount Batur is the most active volcano in Bali. We have gathered everything you need to know about trekking at Mount Batur.

Mount Batur volcano is located on the island of Bali and in the Kintamani district. This mountain is located at an altitude of 5,600 feet above sea level and, as mentioned above, is the most active volcano in Bali with the most recent eruption in 2000. This mountain is also known as Mount Batur.

You will most likely live in Ubud or in one of the coastal cities near Kuta. The most common and easiest way to get to Mount Batur is to order a sunrise strike that includes hotel pickup. Most trekking companies state this in their rates and prices vary depending on pickup location. You can rent a taxi, but it’s not much cheaper than ordering a sunrise tour that includes transportation and a guide to the summit.
It is possible to rent a motorbike and drive it yourself, but it will be dark throughout the trip, so we don’t recommend it. For unknown reasons, many people and dogs come out at 3 am and you have to meandering through small villages to avoid this obstacle.

There are a number of hostels and a number of five-star hotels nearby that we recommend to stay. This will require a longer alarm clock and you can enjoy the display for several days. Trekking tours will also be cheaper because you don’t need transportation.

There are no marked trails to the summit of Mount Batur, so it is best to climb with a guide. There are many companies in Bali that sell Mount Batur trekking trips. You can do this as soon as you arrive in Bali, or you can arrange it at home first.

We booked our Sunrise Trek online at home. This way we know we have ordered it and don’t need to look for a good price. This also gives us more time to enjoy our honeymoon in Bali. We made our way to visit Ubud Monkey Forest and some of the best temples in Bali. It’s also good to pay these costs, and we know exactly how much is in our Bali budget.

The best time to do Mount Batur sunrise trekking is during the dry season in Bali from May to September. We hiked in April, which is technically the rainy season, but we had a good dry day. You don’t want to hike on rainy and cloudy days because it will be slippery and you won’t see much.

Well, it all depends on your physical abilities. The Mount Batur Sunrise trekking tour starts in total darkness and you increase. It takes about 2 hours to climb Mount Batur. The entire hike, including watching the sun rise in Batur, takes 5 hours.

If the morning is not a cup of tea or you want to spend more time near Mount Batur, consider staying at a nearby hotel. There are several hotels with amazing views and quiet surroundings. If you are on your honeymoon in Bali, we strongly recommend you stay 2 nights and stay in a villa in Bali with a private pool.

Men and women trekking Mount Batur at sunrise in Bali
What should be worn?
Wear layers. When you start climbing, the weather becomes dark and cold, but when you climb the volcano, the weather gets hot. I started the climb with everything you see in the photo hat, gloves, pants, jerseys, jackets, etc., but when I reached the top, I relied on shorts and sports bras. Once I reached the top, as we waited for the sun to rise, I slowly added all my layers back. We both only wear normal Nike shoes, you don’t need hiking shoes.

Most trekking tours include breakfast, which consists of boiled eggs cooked with hot springs and mountain bananas

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